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Trade fair planning: plan smarter

The best chance of accurately predicting the future is accurate planning in the present. This also applies to you if you want to exhibit at a trade fair.

There are many things to think about when the trade fair is just around the corner. And sometimes the to-do list for trade show planning can be endless. But if you follow the timeline below, a lot more can actually happen to you. 

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12 months until the fair – set goals and content 

To keep the planning process stress-free, you should start planning twelve months before the trade fair. Here are a few things to note: Know more about pop up exhibition stand Dubai.

Does participation in a trade fair fit with your company goals?

Planning a show should start with asking if exhibiting is in your best interest and if attending fits in with your company's overall marketing plan for the year.

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Here are some objectives to justify your participation in:

  • Are you increasing your brand awareness in a new or established market?
  • Do you connect with customers to generate leads and sales?
  • Do you network with industry experts, investors, or potential business partners?
  • Do you gain competitive advantages over other companies in your industry?
  • Once you've set your goals, find a trade show that aligns with your overall marketing goals.

Choose the right trade fair

One of the most effective ways to determine which show to attend is by requesting statistics on each event option. Attendee numbers, demographic information, average floor space costs, travel expenses, and a list of attendees who attended can help you determine if the show is a good fit for your business. Now you can compare different trade shows to see which offers the most benefits at the best price and if the location and dates work for your team. Ask about early bird discounts to save money on booth space and exhibition fees. You might be interested in Exhibition Stand Design.

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Nine months until the trade fair - trade fair stand and budgeting

Now it's time to set definite trade fair goals. At the 9-month mark on the trade show timeline, you should sit down with your team to set realistic and achievable trade show goals, booth requirements, and a solid budget estimate. Learn more about Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

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The goals may change depending on the trade fair or the current marketing goals such as product launch or advertising campaign. In addition, it is important to define "success" in order to be able to measure the results of the trade fair analytically. Share these success benchmarks with your team. Once the goals are clearly defined, it's time to start working out the details.

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Exhibition design & planning

Before planning and designing a trade show exhibit, you must first determine how much space you need. Now it becomes really important to plan against the goals. The next step is to discuss your requirements with the stand construction company and the stand construction agency. Experienced exhibitors should decide whether their existing booth can meet the requirements - or whether they need to rent a new booth or buy a booth.

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Smart budgeting

Your trade show budget will determine much of what you want to achieve. That's why it's crucial that you decide on a solid budget early on. Since you've already defined your goals and know your booth needs, it should be easy to set an overall budget for your booth expenses.

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6 months until the fair – make the mood

Once you hit the 6-month mark on your trade show timeline, it's time to start thinking about the marketing campaign you want to run around your event. Scheduling your advertising, direct mail, email marketing, promotional items, and giveaways during this time period will give you plenty of time to build the spirit important to trade show success.

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Advertising, social media, direct mail, and email marketing

No matter what your exhibition goals are - it is crucial to attracting visitors to your exhibition. In the next six months, you should do everything you can to place advertising and attract visitors. Ride the wave of social media in the weeks leading up to your event to increase reach and excitement.

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Promotions and giveaways

Planning promotions and giveaways depends on your budget and marketing goals. If you want to create product awareness, give away product samples, and do on-site presentations, you can go a long way with giveaways. If you want to generate leads, consider using in-stand giveaways like pens, notebooks, or candy. Just have attendees fill out a lead form to receive their giveaway.

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3 months until the fair - details, and training

At the 3-month point, you should know all the important details. However, there are many smaller tasks that need to be tackled before you can leave for your event. The last part of your trade show timeline should focus on finalizing these details, booking travel and accommodation, training stand staff, and guests, and meeting with customers and prospects.

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Train your staff

Well-trained stand staff is the greatest asset you have. Rehearse sales pitches, train employees on products, discuss the brand messages your company wants to convey, and create a list of goals for your team. If you start this process early enough, your employees will have enough time to become familiar with their roles.

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Travel and Accommodation

Getting to trade show locations can be tricky if you don't make sure you have everything under control. If possible, try to get packages for flight tickets and hotel rooms. If you plan at least 3 months in advance, you have a good chance of getting room and flight packages. 

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Trade fair planning: plan smarter

The best chance of accurately predicting the future is accurate planning in the present. This also applies to you if you want to exhibit at ...